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Adaptable Digital Labs - Motivation and Vision of the CrossLab Project

This paper describes the motivation of the CrossLab project and everything you might want to know about it.
Adaptable Digital Labs - Motivation and Vision of the CrossLab Project
Author: Ines Aubel, Sebastian Zug, André Dietrich, Johannes Nau, Karsten Henke, Pierre Helbing, Detlef Streitferdt, Claudius Terkowsky, Konrad Boettcher, Tobias R. Ortelt, Marcel Schade, Norbert Kockmann, Tobias Haertel, Uwe Wilkesmann, Matthias Finck, Jan Haase, Franziska Herrmann, Louis Kobras, Bernhard Meussen, Marcus Soll, Daniel Versick
Conference: IEEE German Education Conference (GeCon)
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1109/GeCon55699.2022.9942759

What is CrossLab? CrossLab aims to build new, flexible remote labs based on three pillars:

  • cross-types: Different types of elements - such as remote labs or simulations - should be compatible.
  • cross-elements: Different parts of experiments - such as controllers, models, or user interface - should be freely combineable. For this, new laboratory protocols need to be developed[^1].
  • cross-disciplines: Since interdisciplinary work gets more and more important, this is one focus of the project.
  • cross-universities: This allows universities to get access to more different hardware as well increase redundancy by sharing.


[^1] see: https://cross-lab.org/what-are-we-missing-for-effective-remote-laboratories/

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