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ViSAs – Virtual Sorter Assembly

ViSAs – Virtual Sorter Assembly

The technical drawing is the most important tool of communication of an engineer. Teaching in the field of mechanical engineering shows that students in the first semesters are usually not able to recognize the components, machinery and their functions from technical drawings. ViSAs will help students to develop an understanding of technical drawings by working with the depicted components in a virtual environment. The assignment is to assemble a ball sorter using a technical drawing and a bill of materials. The students have to pick out the right components based on the given documents, identify their function and assemble them. With the help of pop-up windows and highlights the students are asked comprehension questions and are supported during the assembly. The didactic concept "Constructive Alignment" according to John Briggs is used as a basis for the development of the project. The operation within the software is realized with the help of two controllers, so that the components are "tangible". The programming of the game environment takes place within the development environment Unity.


TU Dortmund
Fachgebiet Maschinenelemente

name: Abdullah Doksanbir
email: Abdullah.Doksanbir@tu-dortmund.de

funded by Logo Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschule