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Remote LaserLab

Laboratory work with various components such as lasers, lenses and camera chips is an essential part of optics education. The construction of simple optical systems, e.g. to determine the quality of a laser beam profile or to analyse the light distribution behind different beam shapers, is very important in order to link the ideal representations from textbooks with reality. By working in the lab, students gradually lose their fear of the various modular optical systems and learn how a design on paper becomes reality. Some of the international students on the Micro- and Nanotechnologies course are not in Ilmenau. However, it would also be desirable and beneficial for them to gain an insight into the laser laboratory and carry out experiments remotely as part of the Integrated Optics, Microoptics and Holography course. For this purpose, it is necessary to adjust some components in the beam path using motorised adjustment screws, while others need to be movable along the optical axis. Changing the components in the beam path is made possible by a motorised rotating component holder wheel. By installing different cameras and limiting the parameter space, a remote laser experiment should also be possible.


TU Ilmenau
Fakultät für Maschinenbau, FG Technische Optik

name: Dr.-Ing. Meike Hofmann

funded by Logo Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschule