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Remote Laboratory for Microfluidic Applications

Remote Laboratory for Microfluidic Applications

Microfluidic systems are characterized by a multitude of advantages compared to conventional systems and apparatuses and represent a broad field of research within and outside the department of Biochemical- and Chemical Engineering. A practice-oriented teaching program in the form of remote laboratories is to be created to digitally realize, among other things, residence time measurements, tracking of the reaction progress, adaptation of sensor technology, and the control of various equipment. The students perform the experiments in the ultra concurrent laboratory. Through the planned digital access via the Labsland platform, the setup could be made available to other departments and institutions within as well as outside the TU Dortmund University. The project intends to stimulate a network of different (microfluidic) application areas, exchange between all participants, and promote interest in further projects. This should prepare students for further challenges in everyday laboratory life and encourage them to rethink solution approaches, reflect on ideas and promote the spirit of innovation.


TU Dortmund
Arbeitsgruppe ApparateDesign & Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

name: Bastian Oldach
email: bastian.oldach@tu-dortmund.de

name: Stefan Höving
email: stefan.höving@tu-dortmund.de

name: Konrad Boettcher
email: konrad.boettcher@tu-dortmund.de

name: Norbert Kockmann
email: norbert.kockmann@tu-dortmund.de

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