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Practical course "Temperature measurement technology”

Practical course "Temperature measurement technology”

Accurate measurement of temperature plays a major role not only in weather observation, but in many technical fields - temperature is the most measured quantity after time.

Temperature cannot be measured directly, but only by its effect on another physical quantity. In industry, mainly electrical thermometers (resistance thermometers and thermocouples) are used for this measurement. The thermometer can only measure the temperature that it has itself assumed -
therefore heat transport processes between the object to be measured and the thermometer play a major role.

At the Institute for Process Measurement and Sensor Technology, practical experiments have existed for many years to explain to students the mode of operation as well as the corresponding measurement circuits for these thermometers. The practical courses also show the causes of measurement deviations, which are also caused by unfavorable heat transport processes between the measured object and the thermometer. These practical courses could only take place to a limited extent during the last two years for known reasons. For this reason, they should be revised in such a way that they can also be carried out online by the students. In addition, these experiments with the corresponding explanations (videos, etc.) could also be used for student recruitment.

As part of a student project, a demonstration stand was set up to illustrate the basics of electrical temperature measurement technology and heat transfer, primarily through thermal radiation using acontrollable halogen lamp. The handling is to be web-based. Initial parts of the experiment have been set up, but it has not yet been fully commissioned in terms of equipment. The practical instructions also still have to be written. This is to be realized within the project.

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