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Interactive graphical Visualization of thermal separation processes for a deepened process understanding exemplified for distillation

Students are able to deepen their process understanding on their own and in a playful manner on the interrelation of influencing/ operating parameters on the outcome of the examined thermal separation process distillation by using the developed digital tool. This tool can be applied to all relevant lectures and practical courses in process engineering. Distillation stands as example for other thermal separation processes like absorption, liquid-liquid-extraction or membrane filtration.

By this MATLAB-based, (stand-alone) software tool students can easily visualize different thermal separation processes and learn on their own about interactions of operating parameters on the evaluation parameters (e.g. yield, purity) as well as designing of the column (e.g. number of trays). Thereby, the theoretical basics from lecture and the practical relevant interactions will be interlocked by self-steered and self-reflected learn processes.


TU Freiberg
Institute of Thermal, Environmental and Natural Products‘ Process Engineering

Dr.-Ing. V. Herdegen

funded by Logo Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschule