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CrossLab - Project Meeting in Hamburg

CrossLab - Project Meeting in Hamburg

From March 31, 2022 to April 1, 2022, the second joint project meeting of all research partners of the CrossLab project took place in Hamburg and Elmshorn. The joint project, which started on August 21 and is funded by the “Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre”, aims to improve digital laboratory training technically and didactically. The goal is to lay a foundation for remotely combinable laboratories and experiments from different locations. The project partners include the NORDAKADEMIE in Elmshorn, which also acted as host for this meeting, as well as the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, the TU Ilmenau and the TU Dortmund.

The main focus of the meeting was the survey of the current status as well as well as the project requirements. On the first day, the project participants met at the Dockland location in Hamburg to present the current project status and to discuss partial results. A guided tour of the showroom of the NORDAKADEMIE partner ARIC e.V. for the application of artificial intelligence stimulated the discussion. In the afternoon, further project work was carried out in three distinct workshops. The first workshop was targeting the concepts on didactics for remotely operated laboratories and experiments, while the second workshop was focused on technical aspects such as interfaces, composability, a unifying architecture, and discoverability. The third workshop was on public relation, in order to gain more attention for remotely operated laboratories in different areas.

The second day meeting took place at Elmshorn and started with a tour of the NORDAKADEMIE's laboratories, in which the numerous exciting experimental options and their didactic background were presented. Finally, the next steps of the project work were discussed and finalized.

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