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CrossLab at University:Future Festival 2024

CrossLab at University:Future Festival 2024

Is CrossLab a Tale of Tomorrow? The team from Freiberg presented the visions of our project at the University:Future Festival 2024 and discussed the potential contributions of digital laboratories for curent challenging questions of learning processes.

André Diericht illustrated the features and capabilities of serverless and adaptable digital laboratories in his presentation RemoteLabs as OER - The next evolutionary step. After a short introduction, he discussed the exemplary implementation of a virtual environment for programming as well as an Arduino-based remote installation. The presentation can be found at Link.

Sebastian Zug participated in a panel session on Teaching of the Future: Strategies for next level education at universities. Among other aspects of this topic, he mentioned the specific benefits of Open Educational Resources in different learning contexts. A recording of the discussion is available at link.

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