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Augmented Reality Laboratory – airfoil in wind tunnel

In the context of the lectures Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery I, a laboratory is to be developed which enables students to independently investigate the interactions between flow and airfoil in the wind tunnel. On the one hand, the laboratory should offer the possibility to collect real measurement data (pressure distribution on the airfoil, resulting lifting and drag forces). On the other hand, the flow around the airfoil (streamlines) as well as the resulting pressure field will be made visible by means of an augmented reality application. The simultaneous sequence of measurement and visualization via AR app is intended to create a linking learning effect. In addition, based on the pressure distribution over the airfoil, there is a direct possibility to compare between experiment and simulation. After participating in the laboratory, students will be able to measure velocities and pressures in steady-state flows and create characteristic diagrams for a flowed-around airfoil independently. By comparing the experiments and the simulation data, the students will be able to describe the limitations of both investigation methods and apply them to other fluid mechanical problems.


TU Dortmund
Fakultät Maschinenbau, Fachgebiet Fluidtechnik

name: Christian Lehr
email: Christian.Lehr@tu-dortmund.de

name: Daniel Aurich
email: Daniel.Aurich@tu-dortmund.de

funded by Logo Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschule