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Arduino Lab

Arduino Lab

Microcontrollers are used in teaching at the TU Bergakademie both for students of computer science-related courses and the basic IT courses of other disciplines. The infrastructure required for this - various controllers equipped with sensors and actuators, debug interfaces and visualizations - is implemented as a remote laboratory within the framework of the project. According to the different didactic goals of the courses, the focus of the implementation is on the adaptability of the configurations. Teachers should be able to change the microcontroller, the programming language or the hardware configuration without having to write code themselves. With the open source framework Edrys (https://github.com/edrys-org/edrys), the TUABF Remote Embedded Lab is created. Besides the actual interface for the input of the program code and the video signal / command line output, it also includes the instructions for the concrete task. A course is then described with a single configuration file and is accordingly exchangeable.


Dr. André Dietrich, [TU Bergakademie Freiberg], andre.dietrich@informatik.tu-freiberg.de

funded by Logo Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschule