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Arduino-controlled Titration Laboratory

Arduino-controlled Titration Laboratory

The "laboratory of tomorrow" needs employees with the competence to continuously record and evaluate chemical-physical data and to operate processes automatically and remotely. These skills are to be acquired with the "Arduino-controlled titration laboratory". The product of action is a set-up for carrying out titrations in remote. This is intended to address learning objectives in the areas of handling measuring devices and software tools, experimentation, data analysis, "learning from failure" and dealing with cyber-physical systems. The set-up consists of a syringe pump to deliver the titrant, an optical sensor to detect the end point of titration and a 3-way valve to refill the syringe pump. In addition, there is a receiver and titration container. The programming can be done directly in the Arduino software (IDE) in C++. As a didactic reduction for engineers, programming via a simple, block-based language (Blockly) is suitable. In this way, students can use acquired knowledge from courses such as "Introduction to Programming", "Inorganic Chemistry" and "Thermal Process Engineering".


TU Dortmund / AG Apparate Design

name: Aljoscha Frede
mail: Timothy.Frede@tu-dortmund.de

name: Stefan Höving
mail: Stefan.Hoeving@tu-dortmund.de

funded by Logo Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschule